The Church

Our Brief Profile

This is the church of the living God where our care is for the people. Our church is the people, and not the stone building where we meet with God.

The church is made up of people of all ages and races gathering to meet with and learn of God’s love through Jesus Christ, our Lord, Redeemer and Savior.

You are welcome here!!! There are so many reasons for attending Salem Gospel Mission Int’l, the most important one being that when you come, you meet with the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.

Our Ministries and Departments

Pastoral Ministry

Headed by two great men of God, Rev. (Dr) Olubunmi Akindebe and Pastor Abiodun Durosaiye, the pastoral ministry provides Godly leadership for the entire Church. Come and worship with us and experience the goodness of the Lord in your life.


The Church’s Deacons and Deaconesses provide support to the pastoral ministry and all other ministries in the Church of God to ensure the smooth running of the Church


The Multimedia Unit consists of both Audio and Visual Display sub-units that work together to ensure that programs and events of the Church are recorded with the best sound quality being maintained to ensure a blessed worship experience.


The Church’s Choir, aka Potter’s Pipe, renders glorious praise and worship to uplift the spirit, soul, and body. They perform ministrations outside the Church, and they are frequently invited to programs outside the Church.


The ministry consists of men aged 30 and above. The ministry ensures that men continue to learn and improve in the knowledge of The Word. This community of Godly men nurtures younger men and provide support in ensuring a Godly home.


The Youth Ministry consists of ages 13-30. This ministry is very crucial in ensuring that the next generation of Church leadership is groomed from an early age, and that they are prepared for ministry work inside the Church and the community at large. This ministry ensures a safe and welcoming ambience for young children by engaging them and nurturing their minds. Parents are able to focus on the service and worship without worry about care of their children during Church service.



This ministry consists of women aged 30 and above. The ministry ensures that women continue to learn and improve their knowledge of The Word. This community of Godly women nurtures younger women and provide support in ensuring a Godly home.


The hospitality ministry provides support and comfort to visitors and Church members.

Sanctuary Beautification

The ministry provides spectacular interior decoration of the sanctuary for all seasons and important events.


God is our security. This ministry ensures that visitors and members worship in a safe environment within and outside the Church. To the glory of God, no items or vehicles have ever been reported stolen or missing.

Meet & Greet/Ushering

This ministry is responsible for the comfort of visitors and members of the Church throughout the Church service. If you have any questions or concerns, you can always ask our ushers.


This ministry plans and executes the Church’s community social responsibility obligations by providing help and assistance to families and individuals in the Church’s immediate community here in The Bronx and worldwide.


This ministry is comprised of seasoned health professionals who utilize their skills and time to provide relevant health education for Church members and the community.